About Heyday


The Heyday Partnership was founded in 2002. Our mission is to improve the quality of building in working class neighborhoods throughout L.A. These neighborhoods are plagued by formulaic stucco-box construction, and our goal is to provide a new paradigm of design and construction that provides better living space and a more interesting street-scape. 

Being better does not have to be more expensive. More time spent on design improves the quality of space using the same materials and construction techniques. Our vertically integrated approach provides further cost savings. Having the contractor, architect, and developer in the same office, we create a design that is optimized for construction, financing, and living.

Utilizing this philosphy they have been recognized with a 2014 AIA Merit Award, 2010 AIA Young Architectural Talent Honorable Mention, and have been published in a wide range of publications ranging from the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Urban Land Institutes Guide to Real Estate.

x+1 Philosophy

x= stucco box, corporate, status quo, generic, easy, lazy, simple, half assed, typical, disposable, cheap

y= superfluous, ideal, deceptive, snobby, custom, high maintenance, exclusive

x+ 1 = conscientious, committed, thoughtful, fresh, respectful, intriguing, challenging, inclusive

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Heyday Design/Build

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Using teapots as an analogy; if the generic teapot is represented as x, and the highly customized teapot is y, then the concept for this project is x+1. As seen above the same materials and general form are used in x and x+1 however by simply putting the parts together differently the interaction can change drastically. In the example above the handle is shifted to the side, pouring tea now requires a different position. Instead of pouring from above it is poured from the side. Implying that instead of a servant pouring from a standing position a person from a seated position can pour. A small change with large implications.


The Heyday Partnership was founded in 2001 by brothers Kevin and Hardy Wronske. With degrees in architecture and real estate development, they have always been interested in design/build project delivery. While working at other firms they witnessed inefficiencies in the traditional building process. 

By combining developer, architect, and builder in a vertically integrated company they can avoid these setbacks and focus on building quality.

Hardy Wronske Partner

Hardy is a licensed contractor. He worked for MARCO in Chile and the University of Southern California. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Michigan and received his MRED from USC.

Kevin WronskePartner

Kevin is a licensed architect and LEED AP. He worked at George Yu Architects and MOCA before co-founding Heyday. He received his BArch from Sci-ARC and his graduate degree from Harvard.

Devyn Miska Project Manager 

Devyn joined Heyday in 2012. His responsibilities include everything from streamlining entitlements and architectural permits to LEED certification. 

Patrick Fromm Designer

Patrick has been with Heyday for four years. His responsibilities span from architectural design and presentation to material specifications and take-offs.

Cristiano Aires Teixeira Designer

Cristiano recently joined Heyday after receiving his masters in architecture from the ETH in Zurich. He is a highly skilled designer and brings a Swiss level of detail.

Daniel Vera Site Supervisor

Dan coordinates material delivery with Patrick and rides the subcontractors.

Judith Romero Bookkeeper 

Judith is working part time while seeking her degree from FIDM.

Baltazar Crux Laborer 

Balta works hard. He has been with Heyday for ten years as part of the construction labor team.