Everything listed below is included. There are no upcharges.

Balconies with Impressive Views: Each home has balconies on the third floor with views toward the San Gabriel Mountains or the L.A. basin. The balconies range from 160-200 sq. ft. so there is ample room for entertaining.

Durable Brick Finish: The first floor and site walls are finished in charcoal brick with stacked mortar lines.

Gated Access:Access to most of the homes is through a remote operated vehicular gate and keypad pedestrian gate.

Covered Entryways with Keyless Deadbolts: No more hidden keys under a flower pot never worry about losing your keys again with key pad deadbolts. Give the code to friends, the nanny, or the dog walker and simply change it whenever you like.

Tile Balcony Decking: All balconies are finished with tile for durability, easy maintenance, and clean aesthetics.

Paintless Exteriors: The only exterior item that is painted are the doors. For easier maintenance, other than that there is no paint on the exterior.

Wifi Enabled Garage Door Openers: Afraid you left the garage open when you left this morning? No worries, you can open and close it from your smart phone.

Attached Two Car Garages: With interiors that are fully sealed, drywalled, and painted.Custom DetailsFrom the hand painted addresses to the custom fabricated LED balcony uplights, there are many more details that won’t fit here.

Hardwood Flooring Throughout: The floors are 7” wide oak planks that come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Large Walk-in Closets:The master bedroom closets average over 50 sq. ft. and many have a storage loft above.

10’ Second Floor Ceiling Heights: Along with the open plan, this space is designed to feel spacious whether hosting a dinner party or watching a movie.

Solid Core Doors with Flat Black Door Hardware and Hinges: More durable, better sound insulation, better feel, and coordinated finishes.

Designer Light Fixtures: Brass fixtures by Cedar + Moss were selected for the bathrooms and above the kitchen island.

Frameless Shower Enclosures: 3/8” glass with matte black hinges to match the fixtures.

5/8” Drywall Throughout: More durable and sound dampening than the 1/2” drywall used on most homes.

Custom Built Stair Shelving: The angular shapes of the cabinets are designed to accentuate your most prized possessions.

Custom Bathroom Shelf and Mirror: The bathroom mirrors are crafted from baltic birch with a routered notch for the mirror to rest in.

Custom Kitchen Island: The island is designed as a custom stand alone feature made from baltic birch plywood with a built in bar area. We searched high and low to finally find a black sink and black faucet to tie the piece together.

Vaulted Bedroom Ceilings: With 14’ tall ceilings, 8’ tall doors, and various wall heights, these rooms are far from boring boxes.

LEED Features

The homes have been built to provide a healthy environment for you and your family. Through rigorous third party testing, LEED homes are proven to be healthier and save energy, water, and therefore money. In fact, a recent UCLA study that analyzed 1.6 million homes sold in California between 2007 and 2012 found that LEED certification adds an average 9% price premium.

*LEED certification has been applied for but is subject to change upon final review and verification

Savings on Utility Bills: LEED homes have been found to use an estimated 30% less energy than a comparable home built to today’s code and up to 60% savings over older homes. Based on the average HERS ratings for each level of LEED certification, these homes could potentially see energy reductions of approximately 30% for LEED Silver homes, and 48% for LEED Gold homes.

LED Lighting: LED bulbs last approximately 30 times longer, emit 1/4 as much heat, and use 1/6 of the energy of an incandescent bulb. For a house like these with 30 bulbs, that’s a savings of about $340.

Efficient Windows: According to the EPA, inefficient windows account for nearly 25% of the average household’s energy costs. These windows are dual glazed and have a Low-E coating.

Smart Phone Compatible Thermostat: Capable of being set remotely via smart phone, the thermostat also saves homeowners an average of 23% annually and has an additional remote sensor that can be moved to different rooms to balance the temperature.

Radiant Barrier: A radiant barrier is a thin aluminium coating under the roof sheathing that is hidden from view. It reflects 90% of solar radiation to keep the homes cooler in the summer.

Solar Ready: Each home has solar conduit running from the garage to the roof for ease of solar panel installation.

Free Solar without an Agent: Speak to Chris for details. Heyday will provide solar panels for home buyers not using an agent.

Exceeds Energy Code: California has one of the most stringent energy codes in the country. The homes at Everlee exceed this code by an average of 25%. The homes are also approximately twice as efficient as older homes that often have no insulation at all.

Efficient Air Conditioning: These homes use Puron, a non ozone depleting refrigerant. The environmnetal benefit of Puron over traditional refrigerants is equivalent to planting 4 acres of trees. The SEER 16 ultra efficient air conditioner will also save $2,000 over its life cycle compared to current code compliant models.

Tankless Hot Water Heater: The project is equipped with Noritz tankless hot water heaters which heat water only when needed rather than constantly heating a large tank, making them 90% efficient and decreasing utility bills.

Improved Insulation: The six inch thick walls at Everlee have R-21 insulation which exceeds current code requirements by nearly 40%, meaning your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Efficient Duct Layout: The system is designed for the home by a licensed engineer not the contractor so the ducts and the unit are appropriately sized to get heating and cooling where it needs to be.

Duct Leakage Tested: LEED certified homes must have ducts with less than 6% leakage. This means when the heat and air conditioner are on the conditioned air is actually reaching the room and not being lost along the way.

Quieter Exhaust Fans: Each bathroom has a Panasonic Whisper fan which is 3x quieter than standard fans and Energy Star rated.

Health Benefits: LEED homes are designed to maximize fresh air indoors and minimize exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants. The homes are tightly sealed with user controlled ventilation. What is not installed is as important as what is - Everlee strives to be a lead free, asbestos free, VOC free environment.

Formaldehyde Free Kitchen Cabinets: Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen found in many of the glues in plywood, particle board, and other cabinet materials. These cabinets use formaldehyde free material.

Air Tight Garage with Exhaust Fan: Up to 85% of a home’s contamination can come from the garage. Parked cars continue to emit fumes as they cool down. These garages are drywalled, taped, and painted and the door to the garage is sealed and self closing. This isolates the garage and allows the automatic 100 cu. ft. per minute fan to exhaust toxins.

Recycled Insulation: The insulation is Greenguard certified, formaldehyde free, and contains minimum 58% recycled content.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: A detector is installed on each floor to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning which causes 2,000 deaths annually.

No V.O.C. Paint: Many Volatile Organic Compounds are carcinogens. The federal limit is 250 grams per litre but the paint in these homes is 10 grams/litre- low enough to be labeled as “no VOC”.

Infill Location: Living here makes leaving your car in the garage easy, thanks to all the walkable restaurants, shops, schools and many other in this neighbourhood.

No Carpet: What isn’t in the home is as important as what is. These homes are carpet free. The “new carpet” smell found in other homes is actually the toxic chemical 4-Phenylcyclohexane which is found in 95% of carpets and can off-gas for years after installation.

Permeable Paving: The driveway utilizes open pavers that allow rainwater to return to the water table rather than contribute to the 500,000 acre feet of runoff that drains to the ocean from the L.A. basin annually.

Offsite Recycling: There are no recycling bins because it is more efficient and profitable for the waste company to sort the recyclables from the trash at their plant rather than have the homeowners do it.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping: For the majority of North American homes over 50% of water use is consumed by lawns. This drought tolerant landscaping requires up to 75% less water than a grass lawn.

Recycled Framing: The engineered floor joists are fabricated in a process that utilizes 99% of the log. The joists are also stronger than sawn lumber while using 1/3 as much wood.

Electric Car Charger Ready: 210V electrical conduit is installed in each garage for rapid charging compatibility.

HERS Inspection: As part of LEED certification, an independent third party H.E.R.S. inspector checks the insulation and heating and cooling systems to ensure they are installed properly and running efficiently.

Dual Flush Toilets: Toto Aqiua toilets use .9 or 1.6 gallons per flush. Older toilets can use up to 3.5 gallons. The difference is over 4,000 gallons of water saved per toilet per year.

Low-Flow Fixtures: The faucets use 30% less water than typical faucets and meet EPA standards for water conservation.