What's not to love about Eagle Rock? People are drawn to its combination of small town feel and great location. In 2008, Heyday completed their first small lot project here, the 15 home Rock Row project. Over the last couple years the area has gained national attention as Conde Nast Traveller named York Boulevard, "L.A.'s Coolest Street." And the real estate website Redfin ranked Eagle Rock second nationally on its list of "Hottest Neighborhoods of 2014". While it seems there is a new "it" neighborhood being labeled every week, Eagle Rock isn't so much a trendy new destination as much as it is a well established neighborhood that simply keeps getting better and better.

A few of the neighborhood highlights:

Sprouts Market

Eagle Rock Italian Bakery

Casa Bianca

CaCao Mexicatessen

La Estrella Taco Truck


Colorado Wine

Colorado Donuts

Max City BBQ

The York

Cafe de Leche


Four Cafe

Auntie Em's